Team Liquid And Cloud9 Take 1st and 2nd Place In CS Summit 2

February 12, 2018
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In a surprising turn of events, both Team Liquid and Cloud9 came up on top against SK Gaming to take the 1st and 2nd spot in the recent CS Summit 2 tournament, respectively.

Whilst it came as no surprise that Cloud9 performed well, Team Liquid shocked us all by coming in with a swift 2-0 victory against SK in the semi-finals. SK’s loss to Team Liquid has lost some trust in the Brazilian powerhouse that was rank 1 in the world just 2 months prior.

CS summit

With SK’s recent poor performance, both in the CS Summit 2 tournament and the ELEAGUE Boston Major, SK has now fallen from top 1 spot. As a result, FaZe has settled into the top spot, all because of SK.

North America Is a Force To Be Reckoned With

For the first time in CS:GO history, North America is finally looking like a region with a sturdy lineup of teams. We’ve already seen how well Cloud9 has performed against EU teams, and now Team Liquid has come back from a slump to pull out a 2-0 win against both SK and Cloud9.

In the CS Summit 2 semi-finals, Liquid snatched 2 close wins from the jaws of SK. The first map was Cobblestone, which ended 19-17 in Liquid’s favour. The second map was Train, which Liquid took 16-11. Cobblestone has historically been a very strong map for SK, so it was impressive to see such a strong performance from Liquid. Train, on the other hand, was more likely to go in Liquid’s favour from the get-go.

cloud9 win na

In the final, Team Liquid was forced to face up against Cloud9, another NA team that recently had success against SK during the ELEAGUE Boston Major.

In the grand final, Cloud9 put up a strong fight, but Team Liquid managed to pull out a victory. What’s more impressive is that due to the tournament format, Cloud9 was given a free win for coming from the upper bracket. Things got off to a heated start on Train where Team Liquid pulled out another close 19-17 victory, this time against Cloud9.

The next map, Mirage, went in Liquid’s favour. Cloud9 managed to pull out a 16-11 win on Cache, but the tournament winning map went to Team Liquid on Overpass.

What Do The CS Summit 2 Results Mean For The Future Of CS:GO?

There are a few takeaway moments from the recent CS Summit 2 tournament. Firstly, Cloud9 is still as strong as ever. Secondly, Team Liquid should be respected more than they have been in the past – they are clearly a formidable team.

cs summit 2

Finally, SK Gaming has had some difficulties in 2018 so far. Will SK be able to pull themselves out of this slump, or could 2018 be the beginning of the end of SK’s winning streak that started in 2017?

The Next Event To Watch Out For

With these recent results, we are very interested to see how the StarSeries I-League Season 4 tournament will play out. Starting on February 17, this event will include Cloud9, SK, and Team Liquid, as well as a mix of 13 other invited or qualified teams.


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