Cloud9 Pull Out Miraculous ELEAGUE Major Win

January 30, 2018
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This weekend, Cloud9 went on to win the ELEAGUE Major, pulling out a miraculous win against the unstoppable FaZe Clan.

With a shaky start entering the major, very few expected Cloud9 to make it all the way to the grand finals. They took the shock level even further by taking the grand final win against FaZe in a gripping 2-1 defeat in a best of three.

Cloud 9 win Major Eleague

Perhaps it was the cheering American crowd and the power of being on home soil, or maybe Cloud9 finally have the formula and roster to compete at the top. Whatever it was, they managed to fight past FaZe, pull out the $500,000 prize pool and take the ELEAGUE Major Champion title.

The Best CS In A Long Time

The grand final was some of the best Counter Strike we had seen in a long time. It wasn’t an easy match for either team. In fact, all three maps were incredibly close, with back to back rounds going either way. It was as if everybody was fighting for their lives.

cloud 9 winners

It all started with FaZe and Cloud9 on Mirage. Cloud9 had a very powerful first side playing as the Ts, but FaZe managed to pull it back with a 16-14 score line. The next map went Cloud9’s way – the end score was 10-16 on Overpass.

The third and final map went to Inferno – both teams played out of their minds. The game eventually went into second overtime, and it took Cloud9 to win it out on CT side with Skadoodle getting the tournament winning kill.

Not Expected, But Not Surprising

In our previous grand final predictions, we predicted everything right beside Cloud9’s incredible run to victory.

karrigan sad

From the get go, Cloud9 broke out of their shell and took each match with force. They started by pulling out an incredible 2-0 victory against G2, another team that was predicted to make it to the grand final. Cloud9 even pushed past SK with a 2-1 defeat before going up against FaZe.

There’s no doubt that this recent performance has made us rethink Cloud9 as a team. Going forward, we’re very excited to see how Cloud9 perform, especially at international events.

Cloud9 Could Be Number One Team

The recent win at the ELEAGUE Boston Major allowed Cloud 9 to push past G2 and Astralis to become the third best team in the world. If it weren’t for FaZe and SK’s recent incredible performances at previous 2017 events, it’d be safe to say that Cloud9 would have gone straight to the top team in the world.

cloud9 wins

There’s no denying that top spot is within Cloud9’s grasp. All they need to do is pull in a couple more wins against FaZe and SK. If their recent performance was anything to go by, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Cloud9’s biggest hurdle now will be maintaining their lead outside of America, something the roster has historically struggled with. We’re also interested to see how Cloud9 perform against SK once SK has their full roster in play again.


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