The Danish Shuffle Begins After Poor Performances At The ELEAGUE Major

February 2, 2018
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After a pretty poor performance from both North and Astralis in the ELEAGUE Major, it seems the two top Danish teams are now undergoing a roster shuffle. So far, details on how big the shuffle will be remains to be seen, but it could be the start of a revitalization of the Denmark CS scene.

It will all start with Kjaerbye leaving Astralis to join North. Recently, North announced that Cajunb and K0nfig have been benched from the team, so Kjaerbye will be taking the place of one of these players. Mertz will be taking the place of the other player. Interestingly enough, very little was said to Astralis about Kjaerbye’s move to North. In fact, Astralis’ Gla1ve mentioned on Twitter that they literally only found out 2 hours before the signing. Fortunately, the shock news hasn’t given the Astralis team much cause for concern.


Gla1ve said, “Less than 2 hours before the press conference, we found out Kjaerbye has signed with North. Speechless. And more motivated than ever!”

Going forward, the new North team will have the following players:

  • Kjaerbye
  • aizy
  • Mertz
  • valde
  • MSL

With Kjaerbye moving to North, a spot is open for Astralis. Will previous co-founder Cajunb join to reform the original Astralis group back to its former glory, or will a new player enter the mix? So far, we’re not sure.

The Astralis Twitter hasn’t shared any details of any future signings and their bio has no mention of their future lineup. For now, the current Astralis lineup looks like this:

  • device
  • Dupreeh
  • Xyp9x
  • Gla1ve

In Cajunb’s previous departure from Astralis back in May 2016, Astralis mentioned that the team is still on very good terms with the player. To us, it makes sense that Cajunb will be picked back up again. Of course, without Karrigan on the team, we may never see the true Astralis lineup back together, but seeing Cajunb make a return would bring a smile to many Danish CS fans faces.

What Caused The Sudden Departure Of Kjaerbye From Astralis?

We don’t think there were any sour feelings between players during this transfer. It’s more likely that North struck up a deal with Kjaerbye privately that may have worked out far better for the player.


Chances are, North is working hard to fight their way to the top of international CS leaderboards and picking up better players may be their best shot at this. Kjaerbye did play for Astralis for roughly 20 months, so the sudden departure from Astralis without much of a mention to his teammates was an odd move. North must have struck a very good deal with the Danish player.

The weeks following a major are often the best times for organizations to pick up new talent, so North may have wanted to sign a deal as quickly as possible so that nobody else struck a deal with Kjaerbye instead.


What are your thoughts on the recent Danish roster swaps? Who do you think will be the new fifth player to join Astralis, and do you think there will be any more roster changes now that the ELEAGUE Major has finished up? We look forward to read your comment on our Facebook page.

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