ELEAGUE Major 2018 Grand Finals – Predictions and More

January 23, 2018
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On January 22, the ELEAGUE Boston Major Legends Stage came to an end. We now have our final eight teams and our newly crowned Major Legend teams.

The next stage for the ELEAGUE Major 2018 is the Champions stage – it’ll consist of a quarter finals, semi-finals, and grand final stage. There will only be one champion team out of the eight participating teams.

Take a look at the upcoming Champions Stage and our predictions for it below. First, let’s have a look at the teams that qualified.

The Legends Stage Roundup

After winning 3 games in the Legends Stage, eight new teams have now grabbed the Legend title. This will mean they’ll go straight to the Legends stage in the next major, skipping out on qualifying rounds.

legends stage eleague major 2018 grand finals

For the most part, the teams that made qualified this year as Legends are the teams you’d expect. There are, however, a couple surprise additions. Take a look at the new Legend teams and how they got there below.

G2: G2 absolutely dominated this event, going 6-0 in all matches during the Challenger and Legend stage combined.

FaZe: FaZe had a shaky start to the Challenger stage but they pulled through with a strong 3-0 streak in the Legend stage.

NaVi: NaVi had a fairly smooth entrance by picking up 3 wins and a single loss during the Legend stage.

SK: Whilst SK may not have had a clean 3-0 streak, they were very close. They only lost out to their rival, FaZe.

Quantum Bellator Fire: The biggest surprise of the event. Not only did Quantum Bellator Fire start out strong in the Challenger stage, but they hit the Legend stage even harder with wins against VP, Gambit, and Mousesports.

Mousesports: Losing out to SK was expected, but Mousesports choked against QB.F Thankfully, they pulled it back against Vega, Astralis, and Space Soldiers.

Cloud9: Cloud9 had a clean 3-0 streak in the Challenger stage but suffered a little against hard matchups in the Legend stage. After two losses; to G2 and Space Soldiers, they pulled out a quick 3 wins against VP, Astralis, and Vega

Fnatic: Unsurprisingly, Fnatic lost out to FaZe in round 1 of the Legends Stage, but they then came back with 2 quick wins against VP and Astralis. Fnatic had a difficult matchup against NaVi on Inferno that they ultimately lost, but they made their way back into the event with a third and final 16-2 win against Gambit.

The Champions Stage: Details And Predictions

Now that we’ve taken a look at the Legends Stage, it’s now time to share details about the Champions Stage. This is the event that will take place live in Boston. It will start on January 26 and will end on January 28 with one team walking away with the Major trophy and $500,000 in winnings.

champions stage eleague major 2018 grand finals

With just eight teams left, there will be a quarterfinal, a semi final, and a grand final. All matches, including the grand final, will be a best of three.

Our Predictions

So far, we already know the matchups for the quarter finals, so we can make some good predictions on the overall result of the tournament.

Quarter final match 1: FaZe vs Mousesports – Super High Chance to FaZe

FaZe was on fire throughout the Legends Stage, whilst Mousesports choked a little. If we go off this recent performance and past matchups, it’s clear to see FaZe has this in the bag.

Quarter final match 2: NaVi vs Quantum Bellator Fire – Medium Chance to NaVi

If odds are anything to go by, NaVi should be the winner here in 99% of cases. Trouble is, we weren’t too impressed with NaVi’s performance during the runup to the Champion Stage, and QBF kept pulling in shock wins. I personally think NaVi will pull through, especially now best of 1’s out of the question, but there’s a chance for an upset here.

Quarter final match 3: G2 vs Cloud9 – High Chance to G2

Cloud9 are doing really good right now, but there’s no way they can top the recent performance from G2. The French team is just playing some really good CS right now – their co-ordinated, their executes are carefully planned, and they don’t bow to pressure. On the other hand, Cloud9 seems to struggle in these areas when things get tough.

Quarter final match 4: SK vs Fnatic – High Chance to SK

SK does have a stand-in, but I still don’t think Fnatic has what it takes to get past the Brazilian superstar team. Keep in mind that their stand-in has had plenty of tournament-winning experience before with SK he left the team.

Semi Final Match 1: FaZe vs NaVi/QB.F – Very High Chance to FaZe

FaZe should easily be able to take this win. NaVi has continually struggled against FaZe and if QB.F somehow make it into the semi finals, we don’t see QB.F pulling a shock win against the 2nd best team in the world.

Semi Final Match 2: SK vs G2 – 50/50

This is actually going to be a difficult battle to fight. SK are still performing incredibly well, but they aren’t at their best without their current full lineup. G2, on the other hand, are doing very well.

If anything, I’d actually say this game slightly leans in the favor of G2, but it’s only ever so slightly. Things could go either way.

Grand Final – FaZe vs G2/SK – Small Chance to FaZe

If FaZe fight G2, it’ll be a fairly straightforward game, in my opinion. Things might get close, but FaZe should have what it takes to close out maps. Historically, G2 has had a very difficult time going up against the current FaZe lineup.

If FaZe fight SK, I’d say that FaZe would have even better odds – yes, FaZe has fallen (no pun intended) to SK many times recently, but their matchups have been very close. FaZe has the taste of vengeance in their mouths and with Felps playing instead of Boltz, SK isn’t at their very best.

Either way, keep in mind that the game could go either way. It’ll be a close fight with any team participating, but the odds slightly lean in FaZe’s favor.

eleague major esports betting csgo


Thanks for reading our analysis of the upcoming ELEAGUE Boston Major – what are your thoughts on our predictions?

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