The Most Shocking Matchups During The ELEAGUE Boston Legends Stage

January 22, 2018
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With the Legends Stage coming to a close, it’s time to look back at the event and go over some of the key matches that took place last weekend.

Whilst teams like FaZe, G2, and SK were unsurprisingly up at the front, there were some matchups that had some unexpected results. Here’s a look back at some of the most shocking games.

Quantum Bellator Fire Beat Gambit

Perhaps the most unexpected match result of the Legends Stage was the matchup between Quantum Bellator Fire and Gambit on Inferno.

qbf game eleague major legend stage

QB.F took the first pistol round on CT side, which gave them the opportunity to easily grab the second round as well. After that, it looked like Gambit were sure to take back the win. They took a 3 round win before the CT side advantage on Inferno leaned in QB.F’s favor.

The first half ended 9-6 in favor of QB.F. With 6 rounds on the board, for Gambit, however, it still looked like a strong win for them. QB.F managed to pull out a string of rounds that eventually lead the two teams to overtime. QB.F then went on to win the three rounds they needed in overtime to take the win.

Virtus.Pro Lost To Everybody

We all know Virtus.Pro has been underperforming lately, but we never expected them to fall off as hard as they did during last weekend.

virtus pro eleague major legend stage

Virtus.Pro’s first matchup was against Quantum Bellator Fire. They lost 16-3! Their second game was against Fnatic, which they lost 16-6. Finally, their third loss was against Cloud9 on Mirage, arguably Virtus.Pro’s best map.

Despite this, VP still lost 16-7 to Cloud9, which subsequently sent the Polish team back home.

Astralis Struggled

We were hoping Astralis would have had a little more energy in them. With Device returning and seemingly confident, their first game couldn’t have gone any further than what we expected.

astralis vs fnatic eleague major legend stage Struggle

We did originally caution players from betting on Astralis until we saw their performance during the Legends stage, but nobody expected the 16-2 score loss against Mousesports on Mirage. They managed to scrape back a victory against North 16-14 but then lost to Fnatic.

What’s interesting about Astralis’ struggle is that it wasn’t necessarily down to Device’s individual performance, but perhaps more related to the shift in team composition now that Device is no longer the primary AWPer.

Their next game is against Cloud9 tonight – here’s to hoping they’ll be able to pull through together as a team.


That just about sums up the Legends Stage so far. We’ve still got a series of games to decide who will make their way to the Champions Stage. So far, G2 and Faze are the only two teams to 3-0 their opponents and qualify.

Here’s a recap of the current teams and the round 4 games as of 22nd January.

Qualified Teams
  • G2
  • FaZe
Potential Qualifying Teams – Winner qualifies, loser moves to final round
  • mousesports vs QB.F
  • Gambit vs SK
  • Na’Vi vs Fnatic
Potential Drop Out Teams – Loser drops out, winner moves to final round
  • Cloud9 vs Astralis
  • Space Soldiers vs BIG
  • Liquid vs Vega
Dropped Out Teams
  • North
  • Virtus Pro
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