SK Take Revenge Against Cloud9 In WESG Regional Final

February 5, 2018
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After losing to Cloud9 in the semi-finals of the ELEAGUE Boston Major, SK has come back in style to pull out a victory against Cloud9 in the WESG Regional Final.

Whilst the WESG Regional Final event was a qualifier that allowed the top 5 teams to proceed to the global WESG event later this year, it was still good to see SK Gaming back up to their full fighting potential. The grand final saw SK battle it out against Cloud9 on a total of three maps. The first map was Train, which despite being Cloud9’s pick, SK managed to pull out a 16-9 win. SK had a strong start with 11-4 on CT side – this gave very little room for Cloud9 to pull themselves back into the game. The next map was Overpass – SK’s pick. It looked close to begin with, but Cloud9 managed to beat SK on their own map with a 16-10 score.

With both teams taking one map each, the match went onto a deciding map. The final map was Inferno, and SK managed to get a very strong start on CT side once again. SK closed out the first half with a 13-2 score. Next half, Cloud9 only managed to get their round wins to 6 before SK closed out the tournament-winning 16th round win on T side.

Once again, whilst Cloud9 did lose this event, both teams will still be going to the World finals, alongside FRENCH CANADIANS, Swole Patrol, and subtLe. SK also took home $20,000 for their efforts, whilst Cloud9 took home $10,000.

One of the greatest things about the WESG event is that many teams that would otherwise not have a chance to play internationally are being given a shot to test their might. Currently, there’s just one regional event left over. The final region is North Africa. Once the North African regional event finishes up on February 11, we’ll then have just one month to wait for the WESG World Finals.

The WESG World Finals will begin on March 12. The event will have a total of 32 qualified teams from regions all across the world. The prize pool for the event will be a massive $1.5 million, so there’s a lot on the line for all teams involved, especially considering first place will take $800,000 of that prize pool money.

Interestingly, a lot of top tier teams won’t be making their way to this event. FaZe, for example, won’t be showing up because they didn’t attend the Europe WESG regional event. Instead, Europeans have teams like GODSENT, Space Soldiers, Fnatic, and AGO to root for. For the most part it seems like both SK and Cloud9 will have a free ticket to the quarter-finals.

Will the WESG World Finals be an opportunity for SK Gaming to fight their way back to the top after Cloud9 defeated them in the ELEAGUE Major? Could this be another win under the belt for Cloud9, or will one of the 29 other underdog teams take a surprise win?

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