StarSeries I-League Group Stage Recap – All The Biggest Games

February 20, 2018
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The second biggest CS:GO event of 2018 so far is now underway and shots are being fired between all of the biggest teams in the world. We’re of course talking about StarSeries I-League Season 4. 16 of the best teams were invited to the event on February 17, and just two days later, a lot of action has happened.

But which teams prevailed, and which teams failed? More importantly, which games were worth writing down in the history books?

The StarSeries I-League Season 4 Group Stage Recap

There were a lot of expected results during this tournament, but an equal number of unexpected results. Let’s first look at the teams to participate and out of those, the ones that have the best chance to make it to the playoffs for this tournament.

starseries ileague

After that, we’ll take a look at the stories that went on behind the scenes to make or break certain teams.

I-League Season 4 Group Stage Results:

There are two more rounds to go. The first 8 teams to get 3 losses will be disqualified. More matches will continue from February 19 to February 21. All matches are best of three.

The Results So Far:
  • FaZe 2-0
  • G2 2-0
  • Na’Vi 2-0
  • Mousesports 2-0
  • SK 2-1
  • Heroic 2-1
  • Liquid 2-1
  • Astralis 1-1
  • Gambit 1-1
  • 1-2
  • Cloud9 1-2
  • Renegades 1-2
  • TyLoo 1-2
  • HellRaisers 0-2
  • MVP PK 0-2
  • Fnatic 0-3

Fnatic choked and choked again

Perhaps the most surprising result so far was the three losses from Fnatic. Fnatic hasn’t been in their best form recently, so if these losses were against other top teams, it would make sense.

Truthfully, Fnatic lost out to Gambit, TyLoo, and Renegades. During their three games, all of which were best of threes, Fnatic only won a single map. As a result, Fnatic is the first team to pack their bags.

Virtus.Pro Surprised, But Only Slightly

Virtus.Pro has had a lot of difficulty recently, but they managed to pull it back a little bit during the group stage for StarSeries.

Virtus.Pro took a win against MVP PK and put up a strong fight against Mousesports, which almost ended with Virtus.Pro taking the win. VP then proceeded to lose 2-0 to Liquid. Here’s to hoping Virtus.Pro pull out at least one more win during this tournament.

Cloud9 Falls, SK Rises

Cloud9 and SK have built a bit of a rivalry since Cloud9’s ELEAGUE Major win, so it was great to see them face up against each other again. This time round, SK took the win against Cloud9. Cloud9 also lost to FaZe, but they did manage to take a win against Heroic.

SK, on the other hand, kept their spot at the top. SK essentially had a free win against MVP PK, they lost against Mousesports, then pulled out their second win against Cloud9.

ileague csgo

The results from this event show that SK is still a top competitor, even if they have lost their footing at the very, very top. Cloud9 are still doing well, but they’re going to need to work harder to maintain their position.

GGs All Round To Na’Vi And Mousesports</h3

Both Na’Vi and Mousesports had a reasonably difficult group stage, but they both pulled out ahead with two clean wins.

Mousesports fought against SK and Virtus.Pro – both games were excitingly close, but they were the team to come out undefeated in the end.

Na’Vi had a different experience during the I-League group stage – they took a win against HellRaisers without breaking a sweat and then did well enough to beat Gambit across three close maps.

As expected, S1mple carried the show, but it was the other teammates that pulled their weight that helped them to pull out a victory.

There’s certainly a lot of potential for Na’Vi this year. I’d recommend keeping an eye on them.

Everything Else About The StarSeries I-League Group Stage

Everything else that happened during the group stage was to be expected – both FaZe and G2 performed incredibly well, Liquid and Heroic showed that they still have a fighting spirit, and Astralis are still trying to get back on their feet.

Keep an eye out on over the next three days to find out which are the eight teams to move onto the next stage of the $300,000 I-League Season 4 tournament.

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