Taz Gets Benched From Virtus.Pro In Shocking Roster Change

February 6, 2018
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Before today, Virtus.Pro had the longest standing roster of five players, but that has now changed. 31 year old Polish player Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas has been dropped off of the Virtus.Pro after a lengthy 4 year stint.
To replace Taz, youngster MICHU will be on loan for a short period of time. So far, no details about the future of Virtus.Pro have been shared, but it looks like this will be the start of the end of the longest reigning CS pro team.

Virtus pro

With recent poor performances from the previous Virtus.Pro lineup, it looked like the organization finally had to make the decision to change things up.
Taz will be leaving Virtus.Pro, but he won’t be retiring for good. Taz wrote a message on his Facebook page to address his fans. Here’s what Taz had to say:

“As of today I will no longer be playing for the Virtus.pro lineup. The team decided that I don’t fit in their plans, and I only respect that and want to wish them best of luck in the future!

I feel that it is a change for best, for both parties. Changes are needed in life, and I’m looking forward to challenges ahead of me. This is not the last you hear of me. I never had problems with motivation, but I can tell you now – I’m more happy and motivated than ever!”

Is The Virtus.Pro Lineup Getting Too Old?

After the shockingly bad performance from Virtus.Pro during the ELEAGUE Major, many fans started to wonder whether the players are reaching the end of their careers.

taz leaves virtus pro

Whilst Taz says he still wants to stay within the Counter Strike scene, at 31 years of age, he’s starting to struggle to compete with the youngsters.
It’s not just Taz, either. Pasha is getting close to his 30th birthday, whilst NEO reached 30 last year.
Is it fair to say that the reaction time of Pasha, Taz, and NEO is slowing to the point where they can no longer compete?

It’s completely possible this could be the case, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the end for the current Virtus.Pro lineup.
Players could move over to the coach position, or they could take a spot on the analyst’s desk. Alternatively, maybe these players just need a change in strategy to be able to compete at the top again.

What Will The Future Of Virtus.Pro Hold?

With questions about the older players of Virtus.Pro out of the way, we have just one last question to ask. How will Virtus.Pro perform after a roster change?

michu replaces taz

The addition of MICHU to the current roster is a welcome change – he’s one of the youngest and most skilled upcoming Polish players.
MICHU is currently on loan from Kinguin, so it won’t be until his current contract is up with Kinguin before he can be permanently transferred to Virtus.Pro.

Over the next few months, MICHU’s performance is going to help determine the future of the Virtus.Pro organization. Will MICHU move into a permanent position? Will more players be swapped out of the current roster in favor of younger players like MICHU?

There are a lot of questions left to answer. We’ll most likely find out the answers to these questions over the next few months.

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