5 Players to watch at the NA League of Legends Championship Series

January 16, 2018
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With the NA LCS soon to hit centre stage, let’s have a look at the five top professional League of Legends players that should catch your eye this season!

5. Licorice | Cloud 9

Licorice coming into the top lane to replace Impact for Cloud 9 was met with much chagrin to the core fan-base. But looking deeper at his performances last season in the Challenger Series, it’s evident why C9 Jack decided to go for homegrown talent at Top with the advancements that Licorice had displayed.

Licorice and Solo were two of the biggest prospects to come out of CS last year, and Licorice was always one step ahead of the pack with his mechanical prowess and ability to pounce on his opponents’ mistakes by exploiting these as advantages.

Licorice (Cloud 9) 5 Players to watch at the NA League of Legends

Heading into the new season, many have written off Cloud 9’s chances for success in 2018. But Licorice finds himself at the center of a valuable rebuild with Svenskeren coming in as a valuable veteran in the jungle. As some pundits write off C9 as a title contender, Licorice and co. will ensure that this season will be much more of the same as they look to continue their solid run as a top North American team.

4. Mithy | Team SoloMid

Team Solo Mid’s new bot lane will be under a lot of scrutiny to fill in the shoes Doublelift and Biofrost left behind. Zven and mithy as a duo are two players that are capable of doing that, and much more as the season progresses on. Mithy has been an outspoken player in his own right that has launched his team into success with his immaculate shot-calling and ability to read games and plan strategies to succeed on the fly.

Mithy (Team Solo Mid) 5 Players to watch at the NA League of Legends

Going into 2018, mithy’s hallmarks as a strong communicative player will be a catalyst for Team Solo Mid’s success going forward as he will need to bring all of his mechanical prowess and gameplay ability forward to help work with TSM’s relatively new jungler in MikeYeung. If mithy can bring all the pieces together and gel with his new solo laners at TSM, then they will surely be in position to keep their title as champions of North America.

3. LirA | Clutch Gaming

Last year. LirA’s highlights in the jungle day-in-and-day-out were a foregone conclusion as he continuously set his team up for success with his suffocating style of play. This year, keeping his bot lane duo of Hakuho and Apollo will be big in order to obtain that same level of early game success he’s used to. Solo and Febiven making their debuts as the solo laners for CG make LirA’s prospects for success this season all the more plausible.

LirA (Clutch Gaming) 5 Players to watch at the NA League of Legends

LirA’s ability to seemingly always be at the right place at the right time has anchored his team’s chances to succeed for the majority of last season. If he can continue his miracle run of dominance in the season to come, CG will go from playoff contenders, to a definitive championship caliber squad that has what it takes to surprise many teams as they lobby for their chances to succeed under the Clutch Gaming banner.

2. Reignover | Counter Logic Gaming

Reignover was the jungler that revolutionized the role in Europe and North America when he made the trip across in 2015 to Fnatic. Since his uneventful 2017 season under Team Liquid, many began writing off Reignover’s chances as a top tier jungler in the league. CLG is a team that believes the opposite about Reignover’s ability as they put him alongside two strong laners in Darshan and Huhi, and the young bot lane of Stixxay and Biofrost will do well to learn from his expertise as the season goes along.

Reignover (Counter Logic Gaming) 5 Players to watch at the NA League of Legends

Head Coach zikz had plenty of compliments to give his new look squad ahead of the season. The personalities are there, the will to get better is there, and a reinvigorated Reignover is ready to take his rightful spot as the most fearsome jungler in the league as CLG prepares to be the ‘dark horse’ of the league this split and make their run for yet another title.

1. Huni | Echo Fox

Undeniably the hottest prospect to return to NA LCS this Spring, Huni’s announcement late last year as a member of Echo Fox sent shockwaves through the region. The well-traveled Korean top laner spent all of last year plying his trade as an experimental pick on a developing SKT roster. Even though they found early success in Spring, the inability of SKT to adapt to new metas found their success short-lived in the World Championship last year.

Huni (Echo Fox) 5 Players to watch at the NA League of Legends

In Huni’s return to NA, he pairs with Korean mid FeniX, as Dardoch is the man between the brushes to help get their early game off the ground. When looking at the roster on paper, it’s evident that there are a lot of pieces on this team that could make their results volatile.

They have the potential to steamroll every team in the LCS — but also have the precursor worries of imploding themselves on the way to their goal. If the team can learn how to gel as five and develop a playstyle around Huni’s carry mentality, then there might just be a reason to be gleeful as a fan of the orange foxes heading into the new season.


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