EU LCS: Finalized rosters

January 9, 2018
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Teams in the EU LCS have just officially finalized their rosters. While a handful of teams may have previously finished all their roster changes one or two months after worlds, these roster were not officially locked in. This is because roster changes have to be recognised by Riot themselves and recorded on the “League of Legends Esports League-Recognised Contract Database”.

The roster lock deadline for EU LCS participants was the 8th of January, however, this deadline merely requires teams to state their full roster for the upcoming EU LCS Spring split.

While teams are still able to alter their roster, it is much less flexible to do so after the lock in date as Riot takes fairly long to process requests for roster changes. Because of this, teams tend to stick to these finalized / submitted rosters unless there are huge performance or internal issues with select players.

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The rosters below are of various EU LCS teams on the “League of Legends Esports League-Recognised Contract Database”, just after the roster lock deadline passed.

As expected, teams will only be able to send players up for the EU LCS if they have been approved by Riot and seen on the database. This includes substitutes, which is also why they are included in the finalized rosters below.

EU LCS rosters

FC Schalke 04
  • Top – Vizicsacsi
  • Jungle – Pride
  • Mid – Nukeduck
  • ADC – Upset
  • Support – Vander
  • Substitute – Boris
  • Head Coach – Guilhoto
  • Top –  sOAZ
  • Jungle – Broxah
  • Mid – Caps
  • ADC – Rekkles
  • Support – Hylissang
  • Substitute – Jesiz
  • Substitute – Bwipo
Fnatic EU LCS rosters
  • Top – Ruin
  • Jungle – Djoko
  • Mid – Betsy
  • ADC – Steeelback
  • Support – Targamas
  • Substitute: – Th3Antonio
  • Head Coach – Naruterador
  • Top – Smittyj
  • Jungle – Santorin
  • Mid – Caedrel
  • ADC – Sheriff
  • Support – Promisq
  • Substitute – Candyfloss
  • Head Coach – Veteran
Misfits Gaming
  • Top – Alphari
  • Jungle – Maxlore
  • Mid – Sencux
  • ADC – Hans Sama
  • Support – Mikyx
  • Substitute – H1iva
  • Head Coach – Daku
  • Top – Profit
  • Mid – Blanc
  • ADC – HeaQ
  • Support – Norskeren
  • Substitute – EdinPriqtel
  • Head Coach – fredy122
  • Top – Odoamne
  • Jungle – Xerxe
  • Mid – Nisqy
  • ADC – Kobbe
  • Support – kaSing
  • Substitute – Innaxe
  • Head Coach – Peter Dun
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Team Vitality
  • Top – Cabochard
  • Jungle – Gilius
  • Mid – Jiizuke
  • ADC – Minitroupax
  • Support – Jactroll
  • Substitute – Nji
  • Head Coach – YamatoCannon
Unicorns of Love
  • Top – WhiteKnight
  • Jungle – Kold
  • Mid – Exileh
  • ADC – Samux
  • Support – Totoro
  • Substitute – AudreyLaSapa
  • Head Coach – Sheepy

Top pick – EU LCS Spring split

While G2 Esports were able to top the EU LCS last year, they decided to completely revamp their roster. This was G2’s only option as their bot lane consisting of both ‘Zven’ and ‘mithy’ were poached by rival North American team, Team SoloMid. Having lost their former botlane, the star carries of the team, it is expected G2’s performance will drop.

FC Shalke 04’s roster looks the best here. While they had only recently promoted into the EU LCS, the members on the roster have almost been completely swapped out for new talent. It’s expected Vizicsaci and Nukeduck will be able to execute their laning phase strongly. However, the true test determining their success will be Pridestalker and his ability to communicate with his laners.


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