Destined for Greatness? KING-ZONE DragonX already looking like champions in Korea

February 20, 2018
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LCK took a week off for Lunar New Year festivities this past week. As the tournament gets set to ramp up again, can any team in the LCK develop a strategy to take out the dominant Dragons?

Unmatched, Unrivaled

It’s been quite the streak for KZ as they’ve rampaged their way to sole position of first place in the LCK standings. After a shaky week one that saw them lose their starting Top Laner due to Khan’s disciplinary suspension from Riot Games, KZ have been on a streak of dominance as they’ve only dropped one series out of eight.

Exactly what’s changed for the Blue Dragons? Not much, to be exact. After KZ announced their signing of Peanut in the off-season, it seemed like a match made in heaven now that KZ had an uber-aggressive jungler that could match the capabilities of it’s laners.

That’s no slight to Cuzz either, the second year jungler has a much more refined and calculated playstyle that has been used quite heavily this season. Peanut comes in to start the action in Game 1 and get the enemies guessing, and then Cuzz slots right in for the second game as he methodically dissects the map and ensures his lanes have the best protection possible.

phong van LCK

Everyone knows KZ’s world renowned bot lane of Pray and Gorilla as they continue to hold their own as the best all-around bot lane duo in the world. But this season, it’s been much more about BDD and Khan coming into their own as they’ve developed a synergy within the team that has been growing by the day.

Khan was a household name by last years World Championship with his stellar carry top playstyle on champions like Jax and Jayce, and this year he has proven that he is much more than a player that just had a good split, his consistency as the most dominant Top Laner in the LCK has been scary as of late.

Secret sauce

BDD is the biggest mid lane revelation by far in Korea this year. He was always a competent laner that could muscle his way into small leads against the middle of the pack teams. But BDD has really come into his own as a roaming threat on a variety of champions this year as his patented Taliyah has seen much success as he boasts high win rates on virtually all of his picks.

To be the best in Korea, you have to have a high-level mid laner that can make the difference, and BDD has been slowly but surely growing into that late game threat you cannot give an inch on.

phong van bdd

Can any team match the greatness of KZ? After the latest series against kT Rolster last week, not a lot of fans believe so. Afreeca Freecs have been putting together a wonderful season on the backs of Spirit and Kuro leading the charge.

With SKT just now finding their bearings once again the LCK, there are a lack of contenders this season to give KZ a run for their money. Anything can change in LoL, but there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping the Dragons on their way to a second consecutive LCK title.

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