LCK Match predictions – Day 1 and 2

February 5, 2018
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Day 1

Game 1 – ROX Tigers vs. KSV

While in the past, the ROX Tigers would have a strong chance in taking KSV (former Samsung squad), the difference between the two now is enormous. The ROX Tigers has seriously fallen from their former glory days, currently trailing the bottom of the pack with two wins and four losses.

LCK Match predictions

On the other hand, while KSV aren’t u defeated, they only managed to drop a single game out of the six they’ve played, to KDM. Looking from the past few weeks, it is apparent the gap between the two doesn’t seem to be closing, ROX doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Prediction: ROX 27% / KSV 73%

Game 2 – KONGDOO MONSTERS vs. Afreeca Freecs

From a glance, the two may seem to be fairly close on the leader board, however, KONGDOO are not Afreeca’s match. Afreeca has manage to take out all their games excluding the two tournament leaders, KSV and Kingzone. On the other hand, KONGDOO has dropped the ball on multiple occasions, embarrassingly to ROX and BBQ. That said, miracles are always possible as shown through KONGDOO’s surprising win over KSV, the 2018 Spring favourites, giving them their only loss in the tournament so far.

Prediction: KDM 32% / AFS 68%

Day 2

Game 1 – bbq OLIVERS vs. SK Telecom T1

If this was any other year, there wouldn’t be a shred of doubt SKT would easily stomp a low tier team. But this time, bbq may really be able to topple over the three-time world champions. Ever since their loss to Samsung at 2018 world’s finals, SKT has spiralled out of control towards the bottom of the LCK, currently 1-5. bbq while still remaining around the bottom, it doesn’t seem too bad considering they were able to take out Jin Air earlier in week two. SKT were expected to have a slow start, especially after changing most of their core roster, however, they aren’t showing signs of bouncing back any time soon. bbq is the favoured contender, but SKT always has a habit of turning around and surprising all.

Prediction: BBQ 60% / SKT 40%

Prediction BBQ 60% SKT 40%

Game 2 – kt Rolster vs. KING-ZONE Dragon X

This will be by far the most exciting and close game this week. Both these teams have long shared a rivalry extending since Longzhu entered the LCK. kt-Rolster and Kingzone has cemented their position as a top tier LCK team once again this year’s standing on top of the leader board 5-1. Considering the two teams are top tier veterans, the victor will almost definitely be the team to secure the early lead. That said, neither team may secure a strong foothold to snowball, as the two are well known to play the long game and turtle, stretching it way into the late game.

Prediction: kt Rolster 51% / KING-ZONE 49%

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