LCK: SSG Woes, Can AFs Capitalize?

July 26, 2017
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Korea has been undergoing a transformation. SKT are experiencing one of their longest losing streaks since season 3 when they didn’t make it to World’s. A massive scar on their record then and now they are looking to repeat history. That’s why people aren’t talking much about the fledgling SSG that are reeling from a tough loss to MVP, a team many were considering the worst in LCK history, and the team that knocked them out of the three way tie for first place, KT Rolsters. Now they must face the team that historically takes down top teams, Afreeca Freaks.

Haru or Ambition?

The argument throughout the split is which jungler is better for SSG, Haru or Ambition? This might even be what could decide the series for SSG depending on who they choose. So let’s dissect their differences to decide. Well, that’s the thing. Both of them are fairly similar in skill and champion pool. Both can play carry junglers, both can play tanks. Maybe this question holds a lot less for them than was previously thought?

The thing is it isn’t about which of them is better but about bringing in a fresh breath of air if the series isn’t going the way they would have liked it to. If they lose, they can switch junglers to try and help team morale, and this can be true for if they win but in a shaky manner. Debating whether jungler is better might change with each day depending on how game 1 goes for SSG and who is the starter for it.

Why SSG Are Losing

If it isn’t from constantly subbing in and out Haru and Ambition, what is the problem? This might be an unpopular opinion, but Crown is the clear source of turmoil within the organization. Statistically, he sits 4th place in LCK for MVP points and generally is the best performing member of SSG so why would I state such a damning phrase? First, let’s talk about the rest of SSG outside of Crown and jungle.

CuVee has been a consistent player where he is able to stay on his island to get leads and allow for the rest of his team to play around objectives. The same can be said for bot lane with Ruler and CoreJJ. Strong early game, great rotations, all is well. But they are still losing. That’s when you have to look at the score of Crown and wonder what’s going on. In the series versus MVP, his Taliyah cost a game 3 and he felt like he had little impact on Karma in their win in game 2. Even against KT, his leads came more from his team than himself.

Can SSG Return to Form?

This article spent almost all of its time looking at SSG and little on AFs. And within it it was more pointing out a current trend in SSG and not saying anything definitive on if they can win against AFs. So who should you bet on? SSG or AFs? LoL betting is all about trends of a team and whether or not you think they can beat a slump or not. SSG need to have Crown really return to glory if they want to beat AFs, but can do so against a slightly weaker laner like Kuro. Despite the article ripping into SSG, LoL betting on SSG is a stronger gamble. Still look for it to go 2-1.

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