International Roster Moves – Marin taking Spring off, Piglet signs with Clutch Academy

January 4, 2018
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Marin steps out for Spring split

A Korean source, ‘fomos’ has revealed Marin will be taking a step back from competitive League of Legends for now. The news broke via Marin’s personal broadcast/stream, where he directly stated he would be ‘taking a rest for a season’ (in Korean).


While it is unclear whether Marin was forced to take a break, or willingly decided to take a step back to avoid getting burnt out, he mentions he’ll use this time to improve his mechanics. From this, we can assume Marin failed to sign with some of the big name teams, or was forced into a substitute role.

During the broadcast, he set his goal for the earlier part of 2018 to hit rank 1 on the Korean solo queue ladder. Marin adds if he manages to do so, he will return to the competitive scene in the Summer split. In saying so, we can see Marin is really trying to prove himself and return to his peak form as a former World Champion.

Xpecial to join the Golden Guardians Academy

ESPN has broken news that former Phoenix 1 support, ‘Xpecial’, will be joining the Golden Guardians Academy team. This comes to a shock to many, considering Xpecial has always been regarded as one of the top tier supports in the NA region for years. Being casted to the academy team is certainly a down grade, even when compared to his fairly bleak time in P1.


That said, the pick up by the Golden Guardians is a favourable one, at least for them. Xpecial’s vast experience will undoubtedly improve the Academy team, not only in the botlane where he’ll likely show off his prowess as one of the best players, but throughout the whole team as he mentors the younger talent.

Golden Guardians Academy roster:

  • Top – Bobjenkins
  • Jungle – Potluck
  • Mid – bobqin
  • ADC – Jurassiq
  • Support – Xpecial

While it’s a shame we won’t be seeing Xpecial for quite some time, at least in the wider NA LCS and international tournaments, Xpecial will surely make his return in no time. There’s no way an academy team can hold such a legend for long.

Piglet to join Clutch Gaming Academy

After being dropped by Team Liquid once again in favour of Doublelift, Piglet has settled for Clutch Gaming’s Academy team. This was likely the only option for Piglet, considering Team Liquid had dropped the former world champion on such short notice prior to the start of the 2018 season, where most of the major teams had already locked in their final roster.


While it is a loss for Piglet to join an academy team, having spent such a long time in TL and being one of the stronger players there, similarly to Xpecial, he’ll likely transfer to the main team / another organisation within one or two splits.

Clutch Gaming Academy roster:

  • Top – Maxtrobo
  • Jungler – Moon
  • Mid – Sun
  • ADC – Piglet
  • Support – Vulcan
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