Resident Sleeper: Top picks for Week 5 of NA & EU LCS

February 13, 2018
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As Week 5 of LCS action gets set to begin, we take a look at the odds worth taking as teams like Golden Guardians, Giants Gaming and Schalke 04 get set to make a splash


EU LCS Esports

Splyce vs. Giants Gaming

The first game of the week for EU LCS features a highly contested matchup between two of the middle of the pack teams vying for a chance to be taken seriously. While some pundits have Splyce winning this game on paper, it’s important to note that Splyce’s biggest weakness this year has been Odoamne in the top lane. If Giants Gaming can continue playing successfully around their top lane carry in Ruin and get him on a priority pick, it might be lights out for Splyce before Nisqy and Kobbe even get a chance to react.

Prediction: Giants Gaming

Schalke 04 vs. Fnatic

Both Schalke and Fnatic have endured extravagant highs and some dismal lows in the early portion of the season. When Schalke are running on all cylinders, their duo carry threat of Nukeduck and Upset turn games in the blink of an eye as they do a great job of bleeding out any early game leads they get in lane, but when they fail to reach those advantages, they struggle to pick up the pieces. Against Fnatic, their early game pressure, through mid, will be the difference maker as Nukeduck will look to make an example out of Caps and make his presence known across the map with the plethora of champions at his disposal.

Prediction: Schalke 04 will leave it late, but ultimately come out victorious.


NA LCS Esports

Optic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

The first game of the week for NA LCS will not have much at stake on the surface, but given the steady progression of Golden Guardians shot-calling in recent weeks, there’s reason to believe that the Guardians have what it takes to win against a streaky Optic Gaming. When it comes to communication, Golden Guardians excel in ways that Optic Gaming lack. Whether the problem lies in language barriers, or an unruly division of responsibility amongst players, Optic Gaming are dysfunctional enough to leave openings for a brewing Golden Guardians team that is fully behind their leader Hai.

Prediction: Golden Guardians will pull off the mini upset, securing their second win.

Team Liquid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Before getting too carried away with the amazing roster Team Liquid has on paper, it’s important to remember their flaws as a team are just as evident as any other contending roster in NA. Although TL have questions to be answered, CLG also have a few skeletons in their closet to address as they look to turn around an uneventful Week 4 and pull off another victory against a team no one gave them a chance to beat. CLG have taken only the tough wins this year, looking impressive against teams at the top of the table but regressing to mediocrity when the stakes aren’t as high. As their backs are against the wall yet again this week, look for CLG to jump ahead in the standings with a defiant victory over an all too conventional play style that Team Liquid possesses.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming will once again defy logic as we know it.

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