Multiple Branding Announcements for New Overwatch Season

November 2, 2017
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As well as Halloween, October also brought a string of news for Overwatch fans. Now that everything is officially in motion and fans and players are braced for upcoming tournaments, it’s time for professional Overwatch teams to start unveiling their new plans; whatever happened in the previous tournaments is old hat now, done, finished. It’s time to embark on new missions, giving us something juicy to watch, possibly even wager on, with major events soon to get underway.

As we all know, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done for the teams to gain good footings within the Overwatch League, and so trials and tribulations are inbound for all teams. However, it’s not the upcoming events we’re looking at, but the spate of recent rebrandings that several teams have undergone. This isn’t just a way to create a new start, it’s a time for transformations as well.

London Spitfire

This rebranding comes from Cloud9, a large London based esports label that has many teams playing across the esports circuit. This homage to the famous Battle of Britain plane is the ideal way of embodying what the team is all about. Not to mention it demonstrates their fighting spirit. Seeing as how Cloud9 is one of the big names on the scene, having won many tournaments between all their teams, them securing an Overwatch League franchise slot has meant a shake-up for the other teams. Can anyone hope to truly take them on?

Philadelphia Fusion

In a stark contrast to the blue and yellow of the London Spitfire, we have the rich palette of orange and black, the colours that best present Philadelphia. Sharing the same colours as the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Fusion is an American team that’s determined to show that their roster can win the season. The unity of colours this branding shows us is stirring, to say the least, but does it have what it takes to strike fear into their rival teams? Compared to some of the others, Philadelphia Fusion might be the group with the least experience.

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel Overwatch League

Another brand spanking new name is that of Dallas Fuel, another American team, though with a lineage that’s been prominent within the esports scene. Team Envy, the esports team of the Year for 2016, have been around for over ten years, making them a squad that has a huge online following, much like Cloud9. As a result, we can expect this rebranding to not only fuel the flames of pride among fans, but deep within the players too. Sporting the traditional blue and grey from their history, this new and improved team could really do some damage to the London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion.

Announcements on a couple of other teams are still needed, from Los Angeles and Miami, but we can all see that the upcoming Overwatch League season is going to be tremendously competitive. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a struggle for favourable odds between London Spitfire and Dallas Fusion, in particular, given that they’re two of the most seasoned teams going forward. After all, they both have prestige behind them that gives them clout, meaning that all bets could be off for future events.

Although no odds are available for these teams yet, we suggest you stay vigilant as more announcements are made. These teams won’t stay silent for long, and will start to make their presences felt beyond that of a new name.

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