Overwatch Contenders Season 1: Playoffs Predictions

September 25, 2017
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The Overwatch Contenders has finally reached its final stages of its current season. With sixteen teams initially battling it out for the spots which will send four teams from each region to the finals in Los Angeles at the Blizzard Arena on October 7th.

Initial Predictions

Maybe in a bit of a biased manner, the first thought of who would go through when the season started, fell immediately on teams that followed the winning trend, with Rogue and Immortals being at the forefront of the North American side, along with Team EnVyUs, and eUnited, Misfits, and 123 on the European end.

However, as fans enjoy seeing on any game in esports out there, upsets happened left, right and center. The biggest upsets surely are that firstly, Rogue and eUnited are both officially eliminated from Overwatch Contenders. Secondly, on the North American end, Immortals, a team that should be looking forward to playing in the Overwatch League also got eliminated, and surprisingly, EnVision eSports got through in third place.

Overwatch Contenders Playoffs

This sets the playoffs with the following matches:

In a classic single-elimination bracket system, first vs fourth, and second vs third seeding. For North America, we will be seeing Team EnVyUs take on FNRGFE, and FaZe Clan take on EnVision eSports. Whilst on the European end, Misfits will take on Cloud9 Europe and Gigantti will take on 123.

Match to watch – Team EnVyUs vs FNRGFE

For our match to watch, we are picking Team EnVyUs vs FNRGFE.

Although placing fourth in the group stage, FNRGFE’s record may not be as bad as one may think. In fact, in their head to head with team EnVyUs, sure they lost 3-1, but the games were much closer than the score shows.

Their first game in their regular season face off, saw them go to Lijang Tower, where the game went to a full three maps, ending in favor of EnVyUs, with the latter two maps being won by them with FNRGFE having 79% and 92% cap respectively. However, it should be mentioned that the first map which FNRGFE won, EnVyUs had 0% capture progress. On King’s Row, it would come down to the wire, as both teams went to a full three-point cap, only to also take the first point on their re-run and EnVyUs would only finish with a win in overtime, exceeding FNRGFE’s distance. The third map took them to Volskaya Industries in what possibly was FNRGFE’s most underperformed map. They were initially full-held on the first point, to then be breached with EnVyUs having sixty-nine seconds left. On the final map at Watchpoint Gibraltar, FNRGFE managed to pull off a win as they captured all three points, and held off EnVyUs’ push to win the map 3-2.

So, for this upcoming match, we could say this is the match to watch most closely, not that the others are going to be any disappointment, but this could be the matchup that keeps on giving.

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