Overwatch Events Update September 2017

September 8, 2017
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What to watch

With the Overwatch World Cup on hiatus, as the finals will take place in November at BlizzCon, viewers look to different stages for their daily dose of Overwatch entertainment.


The first and possibly most well-known stage, is the OGN Overwatch APEX series, which delivers back to back top notch Overwatch action straight from Korea. The first group stage of sixteen has already reached its final stages, with three matches left to be played. Which brings them to the round of eight double elimination group stage. To then decide the top four teams who will contest the cup at the playoffs.

Premier Series

However, the action doesn’t end there, with back to back matches occurring also at the Overwatch Premier Series, now also available to view on the playoverwatch twitch channel, casted by Jason Kaplan and Hexagrams. This has raised the bar for Chinese events to make their streams more accessible to a much bigger viewer audience.

Pacific Championship

Alongside the Premier Series, the Pacific Championship is also providing top notch action all over with action set to resume today. With the Chinese Taipei team, out of the run for the World Cup, this also sets Flash Wolves up to be able to focus on the championship and hold their top spot in an aim to win it all at the end of the Summer Season.


The above can already be considered a packed schedule to say the least, but the fun doesn’t end there, one cannot forget to mention the Overwatch Contenders, which has now completed season zero and has gone into season one, which Blizzard themselves have claimed is the direct entry to the Overwatch League.

The current standings see teams “123” and “Misfits” at the top of the European table with nine points each, closely followed by tied up “Gigantti”, “GamersOrigin” and “Cloud 9” leaving “Bazooka Puppiez”, “Team Singularity Ninjas” and surprisingly “eUnited” at the bottom of the table with zero points.

On the North American side of things, “Team EnVyUs” and “EnVision” are dominating their side of the world with nine points each, whilst “FaZe Clan” and “Kungarna” follow closely with six, “Rogue” with four and “FNRGFE” with one, leaving once again to everyone’s surprise, “Renegades” and “Immortals” with zero points at the bottom of the table.

This goes to show one cannot simply assume a top team in one patch will remain so in another. It does show however, that the Overwatch scene keeps growing with time, as major after major pops up and takes its place amongst the top tournaments to watch.
For all those looking to drop a bet on Overwatch, if just for fun or even a casually serious one. They have unlimited choice where to place their hopes.

Blizzard Arena

Something to note from recent announcements is also an article regarding the state of the art arena that Blizzard will now have in Los Angeles, where tournaments such as the Overwatch Contenders Playoffs phase as well as the HCT Summer Championship, and later the Overwatch League, will be hosted in.

The League

Speaking of the Overwatch League, this same post also made a specific thing clearer. Quote “Then, later this year, some of the top Overwatch players in the world will take their first steps toward stardom at the Arena when the Overwatch League opens a new era in professional esports.” Meaning that the League is closer than everyone even thought.
Stay posted as we provide you with more updates on the latest Overwatch action!

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