OWL Stage 2 Transfer Window Signings: Are the Shanghai Dragons poised for success?

February 20, 2018
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As Stage One of the Overwatch League came to a close two weeks ago, it’s time to take a look at the roster moves certain teams have been making en route to a Stage Two revamp.

In Geguri we trust

One of the biggest roster moves to take place this week was the announcement of the first female OWL league pro in Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-yeon to the Shanghai Dragons. That wasn’t the only move that the Dragons made over the course of the transfer window, though. Shanghai have been extremely active this window, signing Korean talent in Lee ‘Fearless’ Eui-seok and Gi-Hyeon ‘Ado’ Chon as well as Chinese prospect He ‘Sky’ Junjian.

geguri overwatch female player

The new look roster with their added Korean counterparts will need to work diligently to make their language barrier work as most teams have already been battling with that hurdle. Geguri and Fearless are stable Tank mains that may have a lot of synergy with each other as they look to anchor a strategy that can finally win them games this season, as they walked away from Stage One without a single win to their record.

One more Outlaw?

Another big name joining the Overwatch League aside ‘aKm’ in Dallas, is none other than Russell ‘FCTFCTN’ Cambell, formerly of FaZe clan. Before the signing, Campbell was the only member from the American team that did not have a roster to join at the start of the Overwatch League. He now joins former teammates Rawkus and SPREE as he looks to continue adding depth and ability to a team that surprised many as they snuck their way into a third place finish at the end of the Stage.

The Outlaws are now at 11 players out of a possible 14 on their roster. With the addition of FCTFCTN, Houston have added a capable Tank player that can match up with some of the best Korean talent in the league, as he has already displayed in the Overwatch World Cup.

Gladiators bolster their squad, Florida Mayhem follow suit

Another interesting development over the transfer window was Los Angeles Gladiators haggling with the London Spitfire as they were able to add Chan-hyung ‘Fissure’ Baek to their roster. The only true tank player the Gladiators had en route to joining the league was iRemiix, the addition of Fissure adds much needed depth to the roster, as a refueled Gladiators squad looks to improve on their 4-6 record. London Spitfire may also look to add another name within the coming days now that they have an open spot.


The Florida Mayhem came into the league as the slimmest roster to participate, having only the minimum six players heading into Stage One. Now, Mayhem have had much room to rethink and restructure as they add three players into their ranks. With that, Mayhem have added two Tank/Flex players in Joonis ‘Zappis’ Alakurtii, the Finnish talent who formerly played on NiP, and Kim ‘aWesomeGuy’ Sung-hoon who plied his trade in Meta Athena back in Korea.

Rounding out the roster is Ha ‘Sayaplaya’ Jung Woo who will add depth to their DPS ranks as he looks to add a much needed spark to a Florida team that lacked creativity and innovation as the season wore on.

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