OWL Week 4 Recap: Boston continue to improve as London sweep Seoul

February 6, 2018
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Week four of the Overwatch League is all wrapped up as London and New York remain tied for first. Boston Uprising continue their hot streak as they take wins over both Los Angeles teams, making it a four way tie for fourth place.

Making strides

There was a lot up for grabs in terms of position in the standings for many teams this week. Of all the mid tier rosters fighting for that fourth place spot, Boston Uprising have looked rather spectacular off the back of some stellar play from DreamKazper and Gamsu as they secured a much needed 2-0 this week.

Most fans were aware of DreamKazper’s proficiency on Pharah, but the level of play across six to eight different champions (depending on the week) has taken him from reasonable prospect to a player that has the capability of becoming a superstar talent. Not dropping a single map to two formidable LA teams have given them that little bit extra polish to put them over the likes of Philadelphia Fusion and LA Valiant heading into the final week of Stage One.

Boston Uprising

London Spitfire have also inched themselves ahead of the pack with a dominant sweep over the once favored Seoul Dynasty in a series that showed a lot of holes in terms of offensive potency for Seoul. Apart from Fleta, Seoul Dynasty don’t really have too many offensive threats that can match the damage duo’s of London and NY Excelsior. In a close series against the Houston Outlaws this week, Seoul were taken to five games as Houston were left without their other big attack player LiNkzr, due to sickness.

Winning where it counts

The last week of Stage One will be a big week for Seoul, London, New York and LA Valiant as they push for a top three finish and subsequent playoff position for the mini tournament on Sunday. London Spitfire and New York Excelsior will face off in a match that will surely decide who finishes first when it’s all said and done.


Many pundits believe New York Excelsior are without a doubt the best team in the league, but London have proved critics wrong time and time again this season and they will surely bring an extra level of focus with them this week in an attempt to get another sweep. As Pine lost his first map last week against Dallas, there’s added question marks to an otherwise spotless team that will be giving it their all to get a first round bye for the Sunday tournament at the end of the stage.

For the rest of the teams, it’s a race to stay relevant amongst the middle of the table as Philadelphia and Houston look to continue their recent surge of form. Houston returning with one of their main damage threats next week will be big for them as they face London and Boston next week. Neither team is a cupcake matchup for the Outlaws and they will need to be in tip top form if they want to continue living up to their reputation as one of the elite western teams.

seoul dynasty

Although LA Valiant started the week off strong with a 4-0 over Fusion, their follow up loss to Boston in the last game of Day 4 means they are right back to the drawing boards as they get set to differentiate themselves from all the other non-Korean teams vying for a spot. A win over Seoul Dynasty next week will surely put them over, but don’t expect for Seoul to just lie down and accept defeat with Stage 1 playoffs looming in the distance.

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